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Looking for DJ & Studio equipment? You can find the major brands of equipment at Bionic DJ Academy.
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The frequently ask question from people who wanted to buy a DJ / Studio equipment. “It’s about asking for DISCOUNT RATE”

In many years, Bionic DJ Academy advised the buyer to place a Pre Order (if the buyer in no rush) That’s the BEST WAY to save up more than just asking for discount. Kindly WhatsApp or Facebook message us for price.

Pre-Order >>>> To ensure the availability of the dj products & arrive on time, therefore, Pre Order is advisable. Please be informed that some of the products are in limited quantity and first come first served basis. Normally, some dj products take up 1 – 14 days to arrive from the day of order.

Courier Service >>>> We provide you a courier services to deliver the dj products to your door step. Additional courier service charges are applies base on the weight & insurance of dj products. Arrival date is based on standard shipment schedule according to the courier service centre.

Payment method:
Cash or Credit Card or Debit Card

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